Cut HVAC energy costs by 40%

Be more comfortable and productive

A comfortable facility is the key ingredient to productivity.

At AirMotion Sciences, we design and manufacture High Volume - Low Speed (HVLS) fans to improve comfort and enhance productivity in your facilities while reducing HVAC energy costs by up to 40% or even more. Our Big Smart Fans™ have been specifically engineered to be 2 to 3 times more effective than other HVLS fans of similar sizes when used for cooling, heat destratification, to supplement air conditioning, and for general air mixing and ventilation. By design, they move equal amount of air upwards as well as down.


We have been the first to introduce advanced features to the HVLS fans like VPT™ (Variable Pitch Technology), composite material blades, low-profile design, and Multimode Smart Controls... we do the research to provide you with the most complete and effective air movement systems available.

Our newest innovation – the Smart MPT™ line with Massive Performance Technology - brings you intelligent, yet simple 16 to 24 ft HVLS fans designed to provide big performance without a big price tag.