At AirMotion Sciences, we continually strive to bring you the most innovative, energy efficient products in the air movement industry, helping you improve your facility environment, while reducing HVAC energy costs (and your carbon footprint) substantially. We work hard, and work smart to provide you with a rewarding experience when doing business with us, wherever, whenever.

AirMotion Sciences, Inc. is a Massachusetts, USA based technology company involved in the design and production of High Volume - Low Speeds (HVLS) fans. With AirMotion Big Smart Fans™ we provide most innovative, effective, and energy efficient air movement for large industrial, agricultural, commercial and other high roof facilities and buildings to help enhance productivity and operational efficiency by improving the facility environment in all seasons and climates, while reducing HVAC energy costs by 40% or more.

The company was founded by Peter D. Caruso (former CEO of MacroAir Technologies), with the objective to build a better mousetrap by significantly improving upon existing HVLS technology. As a family-run business Mr. Caruso has always ensured product quality and customer service are at the core of the company’s development efforts and day to day operations. The innovation that he and his experienced team have made in HVLS technology are a testament to AirMotion's efforts as their Big Smart Fans have raised the bar in the big fan industry by significantly advancing the technology to the next generation of HVLS fans.

The AirMotion Team



An accomplished leader in multiple disciplines, Peter Caruso is a well-versed leader with experience in a range of industries and business challenges, from start-ups to internationally branded companies. Trained as a CPA, he brings over twenty years of experience in senior sales, marketing, and financial management and is adept at building businesses and brands.

Prior to founding AirMotion Sciences, Caruso was engaged by the claimed inventor of HVLS fans to build their business from inception to its establishment as an international brand, serving as its President and CEO. As an experienced leader in the HVLS fan industry, his articles have previously been published in numerous trade magazines.

Caruso’s background includes having served as President of two successful science-based education start-ups. He also has extensive experience in senior executive roles in retail and wholesale distribution, including internationally branded sporting goods such as Hummel, the Danish soccer brand, and PUMA, the German athletic shoe company, where he served as President, and EVP and CFO, respectively, of their US operations. Early in his career, Caruso was a CPA at Coopers & Lybrand, with a diverse client base, and also has experience teaching high school math and science.

Caruso received his undergraduate degree from Bucknell University and his MBA from Northeastern University Graduate School of Business. In addition to running AirMotion Sciences, he also serves in limited advisory and mentoring roles, primarily for innovative startups. In his spare time, besides being a dad, he actively volunteers in his community and messes about in boats.

At AirMotion, Caruso’s primary role is to ensure the company stays true to its mission, make sure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, and brings the best product, service, and solutions to AirMotion’s customers. To do so requires that he assemble the best engineering, manufacturing, sales, and administrative teams possible.



Since earning her Bachelor of Science degree from Bucknell University, Pam has played a role in AirMotion Sciences' sales and marketing efforts. Her various outside experiences include accounting, marketing, and sales have always brought her back to the family business to put her skills to use.

Now leading sales and marketing efforts, Pam is focused on championing customer relations, both through direct communications and dealer support, as well as on building brand awareness within the HVLS, HVAC and energy industries. Located in the South, Pam remains devoted to her family and the business in Massachusetts, and loves representing AirMotion Sciences across the country. Having welcomed a new addition to the family, her son Santo (named after Peter Sr.'s father), Pam loves spending time with him and her husband, and looks forward to sharing the family business with this new generation.



A graduate from Stonehill College, earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, Peter was eager to join the family business and put his education to use. Taking on sales in the Northeast, Peter brings vigor and enthusiasm to the team, as well as a keen awareness for the role of AirMotion Sciences in various applications. Having spent summers and school vacations at trade shows and in the manufacturing facilities, Peter is well versed in all the company's operations. When not working with the family, Peter enjoys boating, playing lacrosse and exploring the city of Boston.

Engineering and Product Development Team

AirMotion Sciences is fortunate to have engaged the following product development and engineering team members, all of whom are proficient with the latest product design and development and manufacturing techniques, including the use of design software such as SolidWorks 3D (they know their stuff, though lunch-time conversations about Einstein’s theory of relativity often got a bit heavy).



David acts as our VP of Engineering and brings us fully into the 21st century with electronics genius, and a design and development flair for product performance and manufacturing reliability. He has helped take us from early stage development to full production of our Big Smart Fans. If there is a smarter way to do things he pushes us toward it. We can especially thank him and his team for our MultiMode Smart Control to take full advantage of our big fan’s capabilities. Sophisticated, but simple.

Most recently David has led the development of our Smart MPT™ line of HVLS fans, from power unit configuration to hub and safety engineering to efficient blade shape to structural build to design and functionality of electronic controls and components.

With over 30 years of experience, he learned his craft at MIT, earning dual degrees in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. He spent a number of years at Arthur D. Little during the days when companies, large and small, went to them to solve technical product design and functionality challenges. If the ADL engineers like David couldn’t figure it out, no one could. With a number of other professional successes under his belt since then, specializing in electro-mechanical configurations, his impact on many product successes is extensive. With David, the line is blurred between work and play - and AirMotion benefits. He is always thinking of a better way!

The Engineering Team who helped us in the beginning



Joe applied his over 35 years of experience in engineering, design, and development with expertise in manufacturing, and clever design of mechanical and electrical devices, with a special forte in electronic controls, to lead development of AirMotion’s Patented Big Smart Fans.

Educated in physics and engineering at Iowa State University, including having held management, engineering, and consulting positions at companies that range from engineering and design consulting firms to large multi-nationals such as Raytheon and Rockwell International. In his spare time, when he isn’t designing or building something, this former Iowa farm-boy has enjoyed being a private pilot and a sailor.



Jack applied his over 30 years of experience in mechanical and electrical engineering design, development, and manufacturing. His expertise is varied, and includes special capability in the manufacture of composite materials. His primary responsibility at AirMotion Sciences was to build our Rotatair™ composite blades and serve as a sounding board for all engineering and manufacturing challenges.

As a mechanical engineer his noteworthy past projects include designing and supervising the building of the retractable roof of the Houston Astrodome as well as managing a team at MIT engaged to design and build composite structures used in military satellites. Jack has enjoyed spending his spare time sailing and keeping current with quantum mechanics. Yea, he’s a rocket scientist.



Neil has over 30 years of experience in electronic packaging, mechanical engineering, and project management. His product design and development projects range from Trotter treadmills to Abiomed temporary heart machines used in helicopter transport. Prior to founding his independent design consulting business, Neil held engineering analysis and design positions at companies including Teledyne and Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Union College, a Masters in Engineering from Penn State, and is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

At AirMotion Sciences, Neil was instrumental in helping to assemble the engineering team, as well as provide the necessary insights into the best design and production practices. In his spare time Neil is an accomplished nature photographer.



Scott has over 20 years’ experience as a Mechanical Engineer in design and development and is a registered patent agent (#53,200). He provides AirMotion patent expertise and research as it applies to product design, development, and patent protection and was key to guiding us through the process of obtaining our Big Smart Fan Patent (US Patent No. 8066480). Prior to founding Design Innovation where he advises numerous MIT entrepreneurs, Scott held engineering and design positions at companies including Fishman Transducers and Analog Devices. He has a BS in Electrical Engineering from Polytechnic Institute of New York, and a Master of Science in Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College. In his spare time he is active creating innovative art and sculptures, combining science with art.