Here are a few success stories on how our customers are reaping the benefits of installing AirMotion HVLS fans.



In Fall 2016 a 117 year old multi floor factory in downtown Buffalo NY was renovated and repurposed for retail, private functions like weddings, and other uses. Its anchor tenant located on the lower floor is a craft distiller – an operation which generates lots of heat all year round.

Inherent in the renovation design was keeping true to the historical look and feel of the former barrel factory, taking advantage of natural light and ventilation on all levels, and making use of best available building technologies for energy savings coupled with event patron and distillery worker comfort.

The developer’s objectives for air movement were -

  • Harnessing the distillery heat in winter to reduce energy usage.
  • Vary speed and direction of air movement depending on event activity to keep patrons comfortable.
  • Summer cooling by blowing hot air generated by the distillery up and out cupola windows while creating a gentle breeze.
  • Supplementing summer Air Conditioning for cost savings and comfort.
  • Crowd pleasing looks.
  • Fit as big and as high a performing fan as possible in a restricted space.

Solution - An AirMotion 15 ft Smart VPT HVLS fan custom fitted to the space.



  • "Based on our research, this is the only fan that can blow up"
  • "We felt that we would need to vary speed, pitch, and visual action of the fan to be appropriate for different times and potential uses."
  • "...once it was installed I was very gratified that it was not visually disruptive."
  • "For our needs, running "up" is almost always the best solution... the "up" blowing configuration allows us to move much more air without attendees noticing."
  • "The impact of a large crowd of attendees on comfort was not anticipated... nearly every large event reaches a point where it suddenly feels stuffy... no HVAC system can fix this situation quick enough... running our fan blowing up fixes it nearly instantly in the whole room without giving anyone near the fan a sense there is a sudden draft."

Simply put by our happy customer - "We are very pleased with the purchase and would recommend AirMotion Sciences without hesitation."




A 12,000 sq ft airplane repair facility in Atlanta used to run 3 Reznor heaters up at the roof level, 5 portable propane heaters, and an electric baseboard heater in the winter. This past winter they were down to 1 Reznor, no propane, and only occasional use of the electric heat using one AirMotion Big Smart Fan. Success!



A 30,000 sq ft county maintenance facility in upstate Michigan has been using two AirMotion Big Smart Fans. They claim to have reduced their heating fuel usage by 75%, and when they park their plow trucks at night with a foot of ice on them, the next morning all the ice is gone with no trace of moisture anywhere. In the summer, their guys used to eat their lunch outside under the shade of a tree, now they eat in the shop under the fans. Success!



With a keen appreciation for the benefits of Variable Pitch, the facility manager of a Northeast helicopter manufacturing facility stated he had been tracking 25% and more heat savings. And his lead mechanic remarked that he definitely had noticed a significant difference in winter comfort at the floor level, and he commented when working up on the top of a helicopter that he no longer finds himself sweating. During a demo of fan operation by AirMotion staff, by changing the pitch the temperature difference between floor and ceiling was reduced by 5 degrees within minutes. Further heat savings were expected. Success!



Ideal for dairy and equine facilities, don’t take our word for how great the fans work. Here are just a few examples -

> Dairy Barn in Michigan - "We were looking to install thirteen 48" high speed fans but decided on one 15 ft AirMotion Big Smart fan when we learned the electricity on the high speed fans would cost us $7200 each season versus about $750 for the Smart fan for the same coverage. What a savings! And that doesn’t even consider our expected increase in milk production from having more comfortable cows in summer and in winter. The fan will essentially pay for itself in one year!" Success!


> Horse Arena in Texas - "They got it up and running while was away. I've now used it everyday. I've ridden and absolutely love it! As you said, one fan moves the air in the entire 70 ft X 140 ft arena. It's surprisingly quiet to be so effective. Only the passing of the seasons will really cool off Texas summers, but this is a huge help in making that waiting time much more comfortable. I'm so glad that I did my homework and found AirMotion Sciences. Weighing about half of what a 'expletive deleted' would, two men easily installed it. And it came with such simple, concise instructions it took them only about three hours. As if that weren't enough, it puts less stress on my building not only because it's lighter, but it applies significantly less torque to the building by starting the blades from a 'feathered' position and only angles them as inertia is overcome. It's a winner all the way around! I couldn't be happier." More success!

> Horse Arena in New York - "All is well and the fan is doing great. Now it is 90 degrees I can attest to the fact that the fan is fantastic (excuse the semi pun). We have had it on most of the day every day with all of the heat and humidity, and it helps tremendously. I have evaluated 'expletive deleted' fans in Florida and so am aware what HVLS fans can do. This fan is in every way superior." Again, SUCCESS!



An upstate New York auto dealership wanted to reduce winter heating costs while efficiently enhancing comfort and ventilation throughout the year so their mechanics could be more productive. AirMotion Big Smart Fans exceeded their expectations. Success!



A green conscious college in the northeast was looking for a solution to provide improved employee comfort all year round while lowering heating costs, avoiding the cost of installing air condition, and reducing their carbon footprint. Their AirMotion Big Smart fan has provided them everything they were looking for. Success!



Looking to improve ventilation and player and fan comfort in a large sports facility in a very hot climate AirMotion Big Smart Fans give them just the cooling breezes that were missing for too long. Success!



A Roller Hockey Rink in Atlanta needed to replace one of their 'expletive deleted' fans and came to the AirMotion team for a cost effective solution. They chose our 24 ft Smart MPT™ Fan. On a direct comparison of ours versus theirs the facility runs our fan slower but finds the same or more cooling air movement, and also have found that when standing at similar distances the air is felt blowing across only the lower body from the other fan, but across the whole body with our fan. Now the rink's players can focus more on their game thanks to improved comfort. Success!